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Meticulously engineered
for a relaxing sleep

Every Dunlopillo mattress is engineered with cutting edge technology. From exceptional contour support and ergo pressure distribution to advanced anti-bacterial and heat dispersion abilities, our mattress experts ensure perfect sleep in every detail.

  • Heritage of Latex Innovation


    The beginning

    It all began with the invention of Dunlopillo Latex, a first-of-its-kind latex foam. Its versatility is attributed to the boom in latex industry where latex was often used for seat padding in various types of transportation.


    In 1931, the first Dunlopillo latex mattresses became a huge hit for its natural ability to stay fresh and maintain its shape without plumping or flipping.


    The evolution

    Dunlopillo Talalay Latex was introduced as a superior mattress material. This pioneering technology provides mattresses with better comfort, support, durability and breathability.

    In the 1950s, our latex was used in Donald Champion’s waterspeed craft, Bluebird and the UK’s Houses of Parliament. It was also proven to have high anti-bacterial properties by Dr. Theo Lammers from the Institute of Hygiene Gutenburg University.

    img 1950
    1960 img

    During the 1960s, Dunlopillo became the world’s leading brand of Talalay Latex mattresses.


    In 1987, Dunlopillo UK Talalay Latex is proven to have double the effectiveness in killing bed bugs compared to interior spring core mattresses by the Shirley Institute of Manchester.


    It was confirmed by the Department of Microbiology in the University of Leeds, UK that Dunlopillo UK Talalay Latex can kill 1010 types of bacteria.


    The progression

    Dunlopillo Talasilver Latex became a household name as its unparalleled quality and superiority won over the hearts of customers around the world.


    The revolution

    Talasilver Wave latex is made using electromagnetic waves to vulcanize latex from the inside out.

    This new technology made a breakthrough in bacteria elimination by eradicating 99.9% bacteria. The Nano Silver technology that is used provides the most advanced protection for healthier sleep as the cell its structures enhance ventilation and breathability.


We are passionate about educating the community on the importance of choosing the right mattress and how that single decision can improve their sleep experience tremendously.